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Permanent residence is better for some people than citizenship. That might be especially true if their adopted child is from a country that does not recognize multiple citizenships.

All Canadian citizens, including permanent residents and temporary foreign workers, can bring their children to Canada. Dependent and adopted children can live as permanent residents with their Canadian Citizens or Permanent Resident parents in Canada through the Child Sponsorship Program under the Family Class Immigration program.

Sponsor with more than one dependent child is required to prove their financial power to support all children.

Eligibility for Adopted Child

The following conditions are necessary for eligibility for the program;

  • The sponsor and adopted children must prove their relationship, whether the child is naturally born to the parent or adopted.
  • The sponsor may apply for sponsorship if the adoption process is in the final stage.
  • The sponsor and the sponsored child must be approved by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to receive a visa.
  • The sponsor must prove to provide food, shelter, clothing, and health to the adopted child by giving evidence of being able, etc.
  • The sponsor became a permanent resident at least five years ago.
  • The sponsored person must be 16 years or above.

Sponsorship Application Process for Adopted Children

The following steps are required to apply for the sponsorship of a dependent or adopted child;

  • Fill out the application.
  • Submit all required documents, including adoption certificate, police certificate, medical certificates for both sponsor and dependent children, an income statement sufficient to support financially, fingerprints and photos of both sponsor and adopted child, birth certificates for the adopted child (for children below 18 years)
  • Get the application signed and dated.
  • Pay application processing fees.
  • Submit your application.

A visa officer should be informed timely about any change in address, phone number, or other contact details.

After a successful application process, the sponsored child will receive Canadian permanent residence. He can study and work in Canada and possess all the rights of a Canadian permanent resident.

Criteria for an adopted child sponsorship

The following criteria are required to adopt a child for sponsorship from another country;

  • The sponsor is a permanent resident or Canadian Citizen.
  • The sponsor should be available in Canada at the time of application. He will eventually have to live in Canada.
  • The sponsor must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The sponsor must not have any financial default or unpaid child support payments.
  • The criminal record of the sponsor should be free of any violent crime.
  • The sponsor should live full-time in Canada for the child to eventually become a permanent resident in Canada.

Chances for Application Rejection

An application is rejected if you do not meet the immigration requirements. An application is refused if you have provided incorrect or fraudulent information.

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