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We understand that many applicants prefer to prepare and complete their own immigration applications. However, many also prefer that experienced professionals look over their application before its submission. For this reason, we provide comprehensive application review service.

Benefits of getting your application reviewed

Many immigration and temporary residence applications are complex and as per section 10 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, applicants must submit complete applications which include all application forms which are duly signed and dated (must not be stale dated), use the correct and most recent version of those forms, and also provide all supporting documents which are required by the department. If any of this criterion is not met, the immigration department may return the application as incomplete and usually it takes about one or two months for them to render a decision to admit the application or return it. This application return is commonly referred to as “R10 Refusal”.

For the applicants who prefer to prepare their own applications; however, want their completed application to be looked at by experienced professionals and consider saving precious time and money, we can help them with their Canadian immigration application documents review.

Our application & documentation review service

Our team of experienced professionals can assist you with detailed immigration as well as Citizenship application review. Forms provided by the department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada are lengthy and may be confusing at times. If not completed correctly or completing the incorrect forms or older versions may lead to R10 Refusal. If any of the required documents are missing from the completed application, that may also lead to an R10 Refusal, which eventually results in a lot of time wasted in understanding the reasons for such refusal (return of application) and time spent again on completing the application forms from scratch. We can assist you in reviewing your completed application and ensure that correct and most updated versions of the forms are included in your immigration or visa application, correctly signed and all required documents are provided in support of that application.

Our immigration consultant assists in various immigration applications and represents them before Canadian government departments and immigration tribunals. We follow the three steps procedure;

  1. Application portal access
  2. Application and Documents Review
  3. Revision in the documents


Having your Citizenship, immigration or visa application reviewed by experienced professionals will result in saving of time and cost. We will ensure that your application package is complete and correct any errors or missing information, remind you to include any required documents and will suggest what else is required to enhance the quality of evidence provided in support of your Citizenship, immigration or visa application. This may help in saving both time and money as the application processing time varies for different types of applications. If you add the time wasted by the return of an incomplete application, this may delay the process further.

Review at flat fee:

We understand that cost is of the concern for many applicants and they feel that they shall not be charged the same fee as preparing an application from scratch. For this reason, we quote a fixed fee to review your Citizenship, immigration or visa application and will provide written list of missing items, documents and/or information to be included in your application. Once the comprehensive review is completed, you will be provided with the list of items, missing documents and/or information which must be included and how the application forms must be signed.

Our team of qualified & experienced professionals will perform the application review. If you are seeking assistance regarding any type of Citizenship, immigration or visa application, you may contact us.

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