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Applications Under Humanitarian & Compassionate Grounds

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Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds (H&C) Immigration Appeal is an exceptional case in which a person is allowed to apply for a permanent visa status in Canada who otherwise is not eligible.

Following are the factors on which a person becomes eligible to apply for a Canadian permanent visa on humanitarian grounds. If a person applying for H&C

With family members are permanent visa holders

Is studying in Canada with or without a study permit

Is working in Canada with or without a work permit

A person with investment in Canada

The H&C grounds and Refugee factors are not considered the same. A person can only apply for a permanent resident visa on any of the above factors on H&C grounds. Only one application is considered while applying on H&C grounds. Unlike other routine applications, the H&C application should be considered on H&C grounds. H&C factors are not considered on a temporary visa application.

During H&C application processing, the applicant’s current situation and other aspects that are likely to come under H&C grounds are assessed. All the documents and supporting evidence should be strong to process the H&C application successfully.

Xl Immigration consulting services offers a skilled immigration lawyer to process your H&C application fast and successfully.

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