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Authorization to Return to Canada

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Authorization to Return to Canada- ARC is required when the Canadian government asks you to leave Canada. A document named ARC is necessary for granting permission to return to Canada. Usually, another document is also required to be submitted along with ARC. It is a formal way of permission for re-entry from the Canadian government when the government has asked you to leave. The removal order may be due to any type;

• Departure Order

Individuals who receive departure orders should leave Canada within 30 days and verify their exit from the immigration officer at the port; they do not require any ARC. If the individual does not leave the country after 30 days or has not verified his departure, then his departure order becomes a deport order, and he would be able to apply for ARC.

• Exculsion Order

Individuals who receive the exclusion order and leave Canada after 12 months of the issuance of the exclusion order or a departure certificate do not require ARC.

But for, all those individuals receiving exclusion orders who want to return to Canada before 12 months of its issuance or departure certificate need to apply for ARC for re-entry.

• Deportation Order

Individuals receiving deportation orders require an ARC to enter Canada again.

Direction to Leave Canada is a separate category which does not require an ARC. Criminal Rehabilitation or Temporary Resident Permit is needed for an individual’s legal re-entry to Canada if he is deported for criminal inadmissibility.

Applying for an ARC to be granted requires all the removal conditions and circumstances to be the same. A Canadian immigration officer will not ask you to apply for an ARC separately for work, study, tourism, and immigration visas. You have to pay a non-refundable processing fee for the application.

An ARC application assessment is done to consider all the reasons for your removal. The application is not processed if found ineligible or incomplete. The Canadian government never gives a surety to Authority to Return to Canada.

Our immigration consultants are knowledgeable and experienced to help you proceed with your applications, complete the process successfully, and ultimately help you get the permit.

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