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Dependent Children

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The sponsorship of dependent children, done through the Family Class sponsorship, helps family members reunite and live together in Canada. Canadian citizens can bring their children to Canada as permanent residents through the dependent child sponsorship program.

Thus, dependent children (all biological or adopted) can live with their parents as permanent residents, work, and study in Canada through Dependent Child Sponsorship under Family Class Sponsorship.

Eligibility for Dependent Child Sponsorship

There are certain eligibility criteria for the sponsor to bring his dependent child to Canada as a permanent resident. To sponsor a child sponsoring person must be,

  • 18 years of age or above;
  • a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, living in Canada,
  • self-sufficient to provide all basic needs to your dependent children and other family members,
  • able to provide evidence of your relationship with the child
  • free of any previous criminal record and have not been involved in any violence
  • not a prior sponsorship undertaking defaulter
  • clear of any immigration investigation

The following are eligibility criteria for the dependent children applying for the Canadian permanent visa under the family sponsorship program;

  • he must be the biological or adopted child of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • he is not married or in a common-law relationship;
  • he is under the age of 22.

A child over 22 years may also qualify as a dependant if they meet the following requirements:

  • they are mentally unstable or cannot support themselves physically and mentally
  • they require financial support from their parents at the age of 22 years

Requirements for Sponsoring Dependent Child

As a sponsor, a permanent resident or a Canadian Citizen has to sign a contract or undertaking to fulfill your child’s basic needs like shelter, clothing, food, and other medical expenses.

The undertaking for biological dependent children in Canada under 22 years of age is valid for ten years or until they reach 25. The duration of the undertaking for dependent children over 22 is three years.

Application Process for Sponsoring a Dependent Child

The application process to sponsor a child is simple. You will go through four main steps

  1. Download an e-application from the Canadian Government website with instructions and forms to help you complete the process correctly.
  2. Pay the online application fee, including the processing fee, the Right of Permanent Residence Fee, the biometric fee, and any other fees, if applicable.
  3. Submit your application as per the instructions provided in the guide.
  4. Submit all the required supporting documents.

It only takes 12-14  months for application processing for sponsoring your dependent children.

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