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The Canadian government has the right to detain any foreign citizen or permanent visa holder under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. If the government found any foreign citizen inadmissible on specific grounds like

If the person is involved in an illegal act

Could not establish his identity

Did not appear for scheduled removal order hearing

Other reasons may include if a foreign national is considered a threat or danger to another citizen, is involved in criminal activity, or has violated international or human rights.

Our skilled immigration representative can help you with detention review.

Once the Canadian government detains you, the CSBA notifies IRB. You would be detained at your province’s Immigration holding centre or provincial correctional facility centre in your region. The detained citizen must hire a professional legal representative or an immigration consultant to represent you in your case. A detention review takes place after 48 hours to clear all the reasons for your detention by a member of the Immigration Division. The Immigration Division will analyze and review the detention to find any valid reason for detention. Your immigration lawyer will respond to all the charges for a successful release. The other factors, including duration, timeline, and alternatives, will be reviewed if the detention is established. The second review takes place after seven days after the first review. Likewise, the immigration division keeps on considering other factors for 30 days until the division orders a release based on the supporting evidence by your Immigration Lawyer. The release may or may be attached with clauses.

In case detention release is not proven, consult a skilled immigration and Refugee lawyer who negotiates settlements with CSBA with a compliance guarantee for release clauses.

Come and experience the legal services of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants at XL Immigration to help you achieve successful outcomes for you with your detention review proceedings.

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