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 LMIA stands for Labor Market Impact Assessment. LMIA is needed when an employer needs a job that can not be filled by a Canadian national or a foreign national. It is a document with supportive evidence that employers need to hire a temporary foreign worker. It is a complex process that takes time to evaluate for positive, negative, or neutral LMIA.

Purpose of LMIA

LMIA aims to determine the impact of hiring a foreign worker on the Canadian labor market. Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) administers the LMIA process to ensure the foreign worker is not preferred and hired over an eligible Canadian national or permanent resident.

LMIA results in three different ways; positive LMIA, negative LMIA, and neutral LMIA

Positive and neutral both mean the application for LMIA assessment is accepted. The employer may announce that the job is available for foreign nationals or workers.

LMIA Review

Generally, the government officer takes LMIA Review to prove whether the assessment is verified and supported with authentic evidence and required documents. For all these requirements, the employer has to make efforts and find if any worker with the required qualification is available among Canadian citizens or permanent residents. The employer gets the LMIA permission only if no Canadian is found eligible to fill the vacant position.

In short, the employer has to convince the officer that he has done a thorough research and found no citizen available for the job; only then may he get a positive LMIA, and thus can he hire a foreign worker.

After that, you convince the officer to hire a foreign worker; the government officer will verify the job salary of a foreign worker complies with provincial and Federal standards.

LMIA Review Approval

After LMIA Review Approval, the foreign national is provided with a copy of LMIA, which he has to attach with the work permit application and submit for approval. He can start working in Canada after approval of his application.

Steps in LMIA Application Processing

LMIA Application process and its review is a sturdy process. The government encourages employers to first hire a job vacancy by a Canadian citizen or a permanent residence. If you feel it is the only solution to your hiring, the government officer will start reviewing your application and supporting documents.

Following are the few steps taken for LMIA approval processing.

  • Verify that you need an LMIA
  • Check for any prohibition for LMIA
  • Select the required wage rate and appropriate LMIA stream
  • Prepare advertisement and recruitment campaign
  • Complete the recruitment summary and supporting documents
  • Submit LMIA application and required fee
  • Keep a record of the results of advertising campaigns
  • Get ready for an interview with the ESDC officer
  • Receive LMIA decision
  • Hand over an LMIA copy document to a foreign worker

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