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You can sponsor certain relatives for Canada Immigration under the Family Class Sponsorship program.

Who You Can Sponsor?

The Canadian Government allows you to sponsor one relative, related by blood or adoption, of any age if you meet the following conditions:

A sponsoring person does not have a living relative to sponsor instead,

  1. spouse
  2. common-law partner
  3. conjugal partner
  4. children
  5. parent
  6. grandparent
  7. orphaned brother or sister
  8. orphaned nephew or niece
  9. orphaned grandchild

The potential sponsor does not have any relatives other than any of the relatives listed above are:

  1. Canadian citizen
  2. permanent resident

If your sponsored relatives have any dependent children intended to come Canada with them, you must include their names on the same sponsorship application.

Who You cannot Sponsor

You cannot sponsor certain relatives found inadmissible to Canada. A person is not allowed to enter Canada under Canada’s Immigration Law if they have been involved in any illegal or violent activity, any transmissible disease, or their presence is a threat to society.

Eligibility Requirements for being a Sponsor

You are eligible to sponsor your other relatives if you are

  • 18 years or above
  • Living in Canada
  • A permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian Citizen

Application Process

If you want to sponsor your relatives, you must submit the following two applications at the same time;

  • Sponsorship application
  • Application for the permanent residence of your relatives

To apply for the sponsorship of your eligible relatives, you must

  • Get an application package online at the Canadian Government website. The package includes an application form, a guide, and instructions to complete the form. Remember to provide all information required in the form must be true, and you can provide proof of your income supporting the relatives and their dependents if any
  • Pay your application fee, including processing fee, biometric fees, and other third-party fees (if applicable)
  • Submit your application along with all required supporting documents.

How Long does it take for Application Processing?

An application processing duration for sponsoring other relatives takes almost 12 months from start to finish. The processing time may vary depending on the nature of your case.

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