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PNP (Enhanced Nominations)

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PNP is a Provincial Nomination Program and is the second most important immigration policy for skilled workers after Express Entry Visa Program. PNP has strengthened Canada’s economy significantly. All the provinces nominate the candidates as skilled workers, business people, or students for their respective provinces. There are two kinds of nomination programs;

  • Enhanced Provincial Nomination
  • Base Provincial Nomination

Enhanced Provincial Nomination

Most Canadian provinces are allowed to nominate a certain number of candidates through Express Entry System. These nominees are awarded 600 points out of a total of 1200 from those provinces under the Comprehensive Ranking System. These points are later added to the candidate’s skills transferability and human capital for getting an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence in Canada.

The candidates eligible for the nomination under Enhanced Provincial Nomination can

Be nominated before completing their express entry profile


Enter the express entry pool first before getting nominated by the province or territory

It depends on the provinces or territory for which a candidate is applying, but he/she should be a part of the pool to obtain an Enhanced Provincial Nomination Certificate.

Easiest PNP

Alberta is a province having the easiest nomination program. It accepts Provincial Nominations with just 300 points.

Base Provincial Nomination

Under Base Provincial Nomination, provinces stream outside the Express Entry Pool, and the candidate is not awarded 600 points.

Eligibility Criteria for Enhanced PNP

The eligibility factors for Enhanced PNP vary from province to province. You are considered eligible for Enhanced PNP if you have

  • An experience in occupations that are in demand in that province
  • A relative or other connections in the province
  • Proficiency in advanced language skills, higher education, skills, or work experience

Requirements for Canada’s PNP

Each province has set its eligibility requirements. Thus if you are eligible to apply for enhanced PNP under Express Entry, you must demonstrate your intentions to contribute to the economy of the province with your skills, language, and work experience.

Application Processing Time for Enhanced PNP

The processing time for enhanced PNP application usually varies from province to province. Usually, it only takes a few months to complete an application process successfully.

Application Process

The application process for Enhanced PNP is a two-step process;

  1. First, you must apply for the province
  2. Submit your application to the federal government when approved by the province.

To apply for PNP through express entry, follow these steps;

  1. Create and submit your express entry profile. Choose a province or territory. You have to select Nominations under the PNP Express Entry stream
  2. Get an Express Entry stream nomination, or get your nomination confirmed. If a province or territory has nominated you, they have sent you an electronic notification. Apply directly to a province or territory’s Express Entry stream if you are interested and meet their requirements.
  3. After you have accepted the nomination, apply for permanent residence under Express Entry. You can submit an online application for permanent residence within 90 days once you are invited to apply.
  4. Complete your application, provide accurate information, submit all required supporting documents, and submit the processing fee. The application is submitted electronically through your account.

What happens if a province withdraws your Nominations

If a province withdraws your nomination before you apply for permanent residence, you must withdraw your Express Entry profile and submit a new profile.

If the province or territory withdraws your nomination after you apply for permanent residence, but before application submission, you should;

  • reject the invitation to apply for permanent residence,
  • withdraw your current profile and submit a new one.

If you do not reject the invitation and apply anyway, your application will be refused without any fee refund

In either case, if you do not follow the above instructions, you will be found inadmissible to Canada and cannot apply for Canada Immigration for five years.