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The Procedural Fairness Response is the response to all the officer’s concerns regarding immigration applications.

Procedural Fairness Letter

A procedural fairness letter is sent to the applicant or his representative if the assessing officer declines the application due to insufficient information, misinterpretation of information, or any other concern if the applicant has not fulfilled immigration requirements.

The fairness letter highlights all the concerns of the assessing officer. The applicant gets 30 days to respond to the letter’s contents with supportive evidence.

Procedural Fairness Letter Concerns

Generally, PFL considers admissibility and eligibility concerns. If the applicant has applied for a job he is not eligible for or has provided misleading information, his application is rejected.

It is equally important to submit your application with complete information. In that case, IRCC will return your application without prior PFL.

How to Respond to Procedural Fairness Letter

Responding to the fairness letter depends on the situation and concerns discussed in the letter. The reply may be

  • Rejecting assessing officer concerns by providing supportive documents
  • Admitting your mistakes and providing alternative options like TRP, H & C considerations
  • Withdrawing the application

Rejecting or Refuting officer concerns

When an application is rejected, the assessing officer has all the soundproofs against you. It is usually difficult or even impossible to support your application against concerns. Be humble and professional while providing supporting documents against officer concerns and prove yourself right.

Providing Alternative Options

The other best option is to offer alternative options when you agree with the officer’s concerns on a procedural fairness letter. Hiring a licensed practitioner will be more helpful in handling these matters professionally and truthfully.

Withdrawing the application

Withdrawing your application is another option to close the plea. However, the objections in your application still survive, and if you want to apply later in the future, the applicant must deal with these concerns.

Considerations regarding Procedural Fairness Letter

When dealing with PFL concerns, these considerations should be kept in mind

  • Meet the deadline or send a request for a deadline extension via the IRCC web form
  • If you cannot meet the deadline, send the justifying document for being late, along with the PFL response and supportive documents and application. Sometimes officer rejects the response and documents right after the deadline
  • Hire a professional to assist you in providing Procedural Fairness Response

Importance of PFL Response

If you want to be successful in your application acceptance, address all the concerns of assessing the officer properly.

You may get a refusal if you did not meet the deadline or failed to respond with supportive evidence. Once you get a refusal or inadmissibility, it will create difficulties for your future applications.

You will not get the processing fee back If your application is rejected.

How to avoid Procedural Fairness Letter

Procedural Fairness Letter can be avoided when;

You have addressed all the issues and provided complete information and supportive alternatives.

If you want to apply for a program you are not eligible for, you must try to complete all the requirements before applying.

All your documents are evidence of your eligibility and admissibility. Make sure you have provided all the required supportive documents.

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