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Canada’s education system offers eminent programs from the high school level up to the postgraduate.

Why Study in Canada?

Canada has been a center of attraction due to its highly reputed education institutions in beautiful scenic locations.

Canada welcomes thousands of students each year to achieve their academic goals through a Canadian student visa. Canada has a highly recommended education system at all levels, from high school to postgraduate studies.

Every year, 100,000+ foreign students come to study in Canada and add a rich culture to its campuses.

Students are allowed to navigate through thousands of universities and high schools. Thus you can choose the best option appropriate for your budget and the area of study you pursue.

The Canadian Government supports its graduates to seek unique opportunities and remain in Canada to strengthen its economy. Thus, foreign students are eligible to work part-time and full-time during their classes and semester breaks, respectively.

Enrolled international students have the right to choose a program of study that will support them in career-building and obtaining Canadian permanent residency.

Start Studying in World's Renown Institutions in Canada

Make your way to permanent residency in Canada just by starting studying in the world’s recognized Institutions in Canada.

Follow these simple steps to further your academic goals.

  • Step 1

Assess and Submit the Application

  • Step 2

Study and Work

  • Step 3

After Study Work Permit

  • Step 4

Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada

Getting a Canadian Study Permit

To apply for a Canadian student visa, students should have a genuine and bonafide intention of pursuing studies in Canada. It is necessary to get accepted by Canadian educational institutions: high schools, colleges, and universities to apply for a study permit.

International students are usually given a study permit at the Port of Entry. So when you arrive in Canada for education, you will get your student visa card. It depends on which country you are from.

You need to apply for a study permit before entering Canada. Thus, most applications are processed in the home country of the applicants.

Students getting permits can study in Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) in Canada.

This study permit is not a permanent visa for them. However, an electronic travel authorization (ETA) or visit visa is issued with the study permit.

Who Needs a Study Permit to Study in Canada?

All foreign students require a student visa card if they seek admission to study at any Canadian academic institution.

Want to study in Canada? Following are some checks you may need to know whether you need a study visa before coming to Canada. If you

  • are an international student
  • are already enrolled in any academic or professional training program
  • want to study for more than six months
  • want to study at a DLI

Still in doubt? Fill out our online form or contact our representative to learn more about studying in Canada requirements.

Applying for a Study Permit

The Canadian Government grants legal authorization to international students to study in Designated Learning Institutions by issuing a study permit.

If you are applying for a study permit process, being a foreign national, you must meet all the eligibility requirements and all other conditions during your study time.

The application processing time for study permits varies with country and different requirements to be followed, so foreign nationals must apply far before the starting date of their academics to ensure to get a study permit before the start of their academics.

Since, as a foreign national, you need an acceptance letter to apply for a study permit. You should check your school’s start date and application process to ensure you have sufficient time to obtain the acceptance letter and complete the study permit application.

In short, successful approval of your study permit depends on various factors such as:

  • purpose of your study
  • your origin country
  • level of finances and support
  • age of the applicant
  • accompanying family members

If you are still unsure about the application process, our Canadian student visa consultant will assist you in getting the study permit visa ahead of time.

Requirements to Apply for a Canadian Study Permit

Study Permit Requirements include eligibility requirements and requirements and conditions while studying in Canada.

1. Eligibility Requirements

Following are some necessary criteria required for the eligibility to apply for study in Canada

You must have received an acceptance letter from the Canadian Designated Learning Institutions before applying for a Study permit

Proof of documentation to have sufficient funds to cover all first-year costs, including study, housing, and living for yourself and accompanying members. These funds can be under your name or your accompanying member.

Other supporting documentation is required with the study permit application. This documentation requirement varies by country.

A visa officer will confirm that you have met all the requirements. Your application will be refused if you fail to satisfy the visa officer with any documentation.

Don’t worry! Our student visa lawyer is just a call away in Canada to get you out of refusal! Call us now!

2. Requirements while studying in Canada

After meeting eligibility requirements and getting a study permit successfully, the international student must meet the other requirements to maintain the validity of his study permit. While studying in Canada, the following few requirements are necessary to be fulfilled by the foreign national. These are;

Enrollment at a Designated Learning Institution

Completion of their program

Fulfilling all the conditions mentioned on their study permit

When their permit gets expires, they should leave Canada as per the criteria

Application Process

There are four stages of application processing for obtaining a study permit successfully. These are

  1. Meeting the eligibility criteria that include getting an acceptance letter from DLI, proof of funding, and supporting documents
  2. The next step is to prepare the application by gathering all the documents as per your country’s policy
  3. Submit your e-application on the IRCC portal or paper-based application to Visa Application Centre by mail
  4. The Canadian Government will issue a Port of entry Introduction Letter that you must show to the immigration officer when you arrive at the Canadian Port of Entry to obtain a study permit.

It should be kept in mind an immigration officer may reject your application, so you need the valuable services of an immigration consultant or a representative to review your application before submission.

Xl Immigration offers well-trained, experienced immigration consultants to review and process your application successfully. Get a free consultation today!

Explore Canada Study Programs- Direct PR

Is settling in Canada permanently after your study programs a dream for you?

Plan your permanent residency with XL Immigration Study Visa consultants and make your permanent residency process easier and smoother. We will help you find the perfect time to choose your program and institutes in Canada.

British Columbia Permanent Residency Program-BCPNP, is one of the famous permanent residency programs for Science, engineering, and agricultural post-grads.

Institutes Offering Eligible Programs

Some of the institutions that offer specific eligible study programs for BCPNP are;

  • New York Institute of Technology
  • Trinity Western University
  • University of Northern BC
  • Royal Roads University
  • Thompson Rivers University

Student Direct Stream (SDS)

IRCC uses a faster stream to process study permit applications for all candidates living in an eligible country. The Study permit processing time is at least 20 days for processing study visa applications under the SDS

Eligibility Requirements for Student Direct Stream

You are eligible for the SDS program if you;

  •           you are a legal resident of Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Pakistan, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, Saint Vincent, Vietnam, Trinidad, and Tobago.
  •          Live outside Canada when applying to the program
  •           have got an acceptance letter from DLI in Canada
  •           have clearance certificates
  •           have Guaranteed investment certificates
  •           have proof of tuition fee payment receipts
  •           get a minimum score on an English language test.

At XL Immigration, we have a team of experienced and skilled study visa consultants to assist you with your study permit application processing, choosing the best program and institutions as per your requirements.

We also provide consultancy services for getting your GIC to study in Canada. Book a consultation with our experts.

Study Permit Extension

Are you studying in Designated Learning Institutions in Canada under a study permit? You can now extend your study permit under certain conditions.

You are eligible to apply for a study visa extension a minimum of 30 days before your actual study permit expires.

Requirements for Study Permit Extension

You may need

  •         An explanation letter or additional documents
  •           Medical reports
  •           Family information form 
  •        Biometrics

Are you worried? Talk to our consultants, and we will guide you on effortlessly applying for your study permit extension.


Working in Canada as an International Student

The Canadian Government allows international students to work in Canada during their studies.

Being an international student, Immigration Canada decides whether you are allowed to work in Canada and sets this on your Canadian Student Visa.

International students can work in various situations, such as:

  • on or off campus after starting their study program
  • as an intern, when your training or work experience is a part of your degree program
  • after graduation, if you are eligible for a Postgraduation Work Permit (PGWP)

On-Campus Work Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible for on-campus work if you;

  • are a student of a full-time post-secondary student at a public post-secondary school, a private college-level student in Quebec, or a Canadian private school that awards degrees legally under provincial law.
  • have a valid study permit
  • have a social insurance number (SIN)

Off-Campus Work Eligibility Requirements

You are considered eligible to work off-campus if you

  • are a full-time student at a DLI
  • are studying in post-secondary education, vocational, or professional training programs.
  • are enrolled in a study program, degree, diploma, or certificate program of at least six months.

Co-op Work Eligibility Requirements

If you want to apply for a co-op work permit,

  • you must have a valid study permit
  • you have to work in Canada as a part of your degree requirement or to get your degree
  • your internship totals 50% or less of your study program

Postgraduation Work Permit Eligibility Requirements (PGWP): Work after Your Study Program

You can extend your stay in Canada after completing your studies through the Postgraduation Work Permit (PGWP) Program. Thus, you will be able to work and qualify for Canadian permanent residence status through Express Entry.

The work permit granted through PGWPP is the same as the length of your study but cannot be more than three years.

The eligibility requirements for a PGWP are

  • you must complete your study program and are graduated from a public institution, technical school, or private institution operating like the public institutes or any of the authorized private institute’s higher learning programs leading to an attestation- ASP or DEP.
  • you must complete a PGWP-eligible program by studying full-time from any DLI for academic, vocational, or professional training programs of a minimum of 8 months long.
  • you have to complete at least 50% of the study program in Canada.
  • you have selected three courses of study program each semester during full-time studies.
  • you have received your educational credential, transcripts, or letter of completion issued by the DLI.

For post-graduates, candidates must keep their validity status in Canada and can apply for three months after getting their degrees, diploma, or certificate.

For more information, contact our student visa lawyer at XL Immigration.


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  • What documents are required to be submitted with my Canada study permit application?

To get accepted by a recognized Canadian academic institute, you should submit the following documents with your study permit application:

  1. Letter of acceptance from a Canadian educational institution
  2. Valid Passport and your recent photographs, along with that of your dependent family members
  3. Financial evidence to support yourself, your dependents, your tuition fees, living expenses, and expense required to return to your country after completing your degree in Canada.


  • What should I know about Canadian-recognized schools and universities?

Canada offers a great opportunity to learners across the globe. Canadian academic institutes are recognized worldwide for the best quality of education they provide with more affordable fees than many American schools. There are a large number of institutions in Canada, and the provincial authorities regulate their education.

Many elementary and high schools, colleges and universities, vocational schools, private institutions, and language training centers have different admission requirements in Canada based on location.

Canada allows its foreign students, who complete all educational credentials in Canada, to apply for Canadian permanent residency under different programs.

  • How do I extend my study permit in Canada if it expires?

You must possess a valid Canadian study permit to study in a recognized Canadian institution. Since it is the most important document issued by CIC, you should keep it and know its validity date.

If you want to extend your study permit in Canada, apply at least 90 days before its expiry date. Otherwise, you have to leave Canada when your study permit gets expires.

Learn more about extending your Canadian study visa with an Xl Immigration student visa lawyer. Fill out our online form. Our representative will contact you within 24 hours

  • What is the processing time for Study Permit Canada?

If you meet all the eligibility requirements, your application will be processed within 20 days once we receive your credentials.

  • Is a study visa rejected?

For studying in Canada, your study permit is issued and approved by Canadian Immigration Officers.

Sometimes, a foreign national’s study permit is refused for several reasons. Some of the reasons may be

  1. insufficient funding to support you during your stay in Canada,
  2. an incomplete identity document record, or
  3. if you cannot meet the requirements of the acceptance letter.

In this case, a visa officer issues a refusal letter demonstrating the grounds for refusal.

  • What is the right time to apply for a Canadian Student Visa?

The right time to apply for the Canadian Student Visa is at least three months before the start of your academic session. Canadian universities offer semester-based intakes of students.

  • How many times can I apply for my Canadian study visa?

There is no limit to applying as many times for a Canadian study visa. If your application is rejected, you should find out why and avoid repeating the same mistake in your next application.

Learn How XL Immigration Can Help You with Canadian Student Visa

Student visa Lawyer at XL Immigration will assist you in how to address the refusal letter by thoroughly reviewing your documents.

If you are curious about studies in Canada and further possibilities for Canadian permanent residency, complete our assessment form, and our student visa consultant will contact you.