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Students who have a genuine and bonafide intention of pursuing studies in Canada; and who have been accepted by a Canadian university, college, or educational institution may apply for a study permit. If granted, they may arrive in Canada and are usually given a study permit at the Port of Entry.

Students getting permits can study in Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) in Canada. This study permit is not a permanent visa for them. However, an electronic travel authorization (ETA) or visit visa is issued with the study permit.

Steps to be followed to attain a Study permit;

  1. Applying for the study permit
  2. Fulfilling Study Permit Requirements
  3. Application process

There are some exemptions for some individuals to get a Canadian study permit if they want to study in Canada.

Applying for a Study Permit

The Canadian Government grants legal authorization to international students to study in Designated Learning Institutions by issuing a study permit. To apply for the process, the foreign national must meet all the eligibility requirements and all other conditions during his study time.

The application processing time varies with country and different requirements to be followed, so the foreign nationals must apply far before the starting date of their academics to ensure to get a study permit before the start of their academics.

Since a foreign national needs an acceptance letter to apply for a study permit. They should check their schools’ start date and application process to ensure they have sufficient time to obtain the acceptance letter and complete the study permit application.

Fulfilling Study Permit Requirements

Study Permit Requirements include eligibility requirements and requirements and conditions while studying in Canada.

1. Eligibility Requirements

Following are some necessary criteria required for the eligibility to apply for study in Canada

You must have got an acceptance letter from the Canadian Designated Learning Institutions before applying for a Study permit

Proof of documentation to have sufficient funds to cover all first year’s costs, including study, housing, and living for yourself and accompanying members. These funds can be under your name or your accompanying member.

Other supporting documentation is required with the study permit application. This documentation requirement varies with country.

A visa officer will confirm that you have met all the requirements. Your application will be refused if you have failed to satisfy the visa officer with any documentation.

2. Requirements while studying in Canada

After meeting eligibility requirements and getting a study permit successfully, the international student must meet the other requirements to maintain the validity of his study permit. While studying in Canada, the following few requirements are necessary to be fulfilled by the foreign national. These are;

Enrollment at a Designated Learning Institution

Completion of their program

Fulfilling all the conditions mentioned on their study permit

When their permit gets expires, they should leave Canada as per the criteria

Application Process

There are four stages of application processing for obtaining a study permit successfully. These are

  1. Meeting the eligibility criteria that include getting an acceptance letter from DLI, proof of funding, and supporting documents
  2. The next step is to prepare the application by gathering all the documents as per your country’s policy
  3. Submit your e-application on the IRCC portal or paper-based application to Visa Application Centre by mail
  4. The Canadian Government will issue a Port of entry Introduction Letter that you must show to the immigration officer when you arrive at the Canadian Port of Entry to obtain a study permit.

It should be kept in mind an immigration officer may reject your application, so you need the valuable services of an immigration consultant or a representative to review your application before submission.

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