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All You Wanted to Know About Temporary Resident Permit Canada

A temporary Resident Permit allows an individual to enter Canada if he is inadmissible otherwise.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada issues a document, Temporary Resident Permit to foreign individuals, which requires them to enter Canada only on temporary grounds but is inadmissible to Canada due to criminal, security, or medical reasons.

You may enter Canada as a foreign student, worker, or visitor on TRP. But you cannot use TRP for any permanent residency processes.

Become a Temporary Resident Permit Holder with XL Immigration

If you are a Temporary Resident permit holder, you and your family members are both permit holders. Being a temporary resident, you remain inadmissible for permanent residence.

Your TRP may limit access to certain services. You may apply for a work or study permit if your TRP is valid for over six months.

What is a valid TRP?

A TRP is valid for a specific period, i.e., the “Expiry date” or “Permit in force until date. The date of Issue and that of Expiry is printed on the TRP.

Under Canadian Immigration Law, Temporary Resident Permits are valid for up to three years. However, immigration offices are reluctant to issue TRPs for a full three-year period.

Your TRP validity solely depends on how the immigration officer reviews your application.

Temporary Resident Permit vs. Visitor Visa

A visitor visa is also known as Temporary Resident Visa Canada (TRV). It is different from a TRP.

If you are a visitor, student, or worker, you can use a TRV to enter Canada temporarily if you meet the requirements. In contrast, a TRP is used by all those foreign nationals that are deemed inadmissible to Canada.

With a Temporary Resident Visa, most visitors can stay in Canada for up to six months.

Your Key To Success: Application Procedure for Your TRP

If you are applying for TRP, you must show the reasons for visiting Canada.

The application procedure has different requirements depending on your country of origin.

All the information is available at Canadian visa offices in each country. The application procedure has a non-refundable fee.

When you or your immigration lawyer have compiled all the required documents to apply for a TRP, you must submit them to the Canadian Government for consideration.

You can apply for a TRP at the

  • Canadian Consulate, or
  • Port of Entry (land, sea, or air)
  •   When You Apply Through the Canadian Visa Office or Canadian Consulate


It is best to apply for your Canadian Temporary Permit through Canadian Consulate or visa office.

If you are applying for TRP through the Canadian consulate, your application processing time will take 3-6 months.

The best advantage you get from this approach is to know in advance all the grounds on which you are allowed to enter Canada.

Since the immigration officer is experienced, he understands why your visit could be justified.

  •   When You Apply at the Port of Entry

You can apply for TRP at the Port of Entry.

Applications made at any port of entry (sea, land, or air) are processed immediately. The Canadian immigration visa officer will consider all the grounds you need to enter Canada against security and health risks. You can demonstrate the justifications to enter Canada to your visa officer.

But the main disadvantage of applying at the Port of Entry is the uncertainty. You don’t know whether your application will be approved or rejected by the immigration officer.

Fact You Should Know: Processing Time of Your TRP Application

The processing time for Canadian TRP is typically three to four months after submitting your application to the Visa Office.

If you are planning a trip to Canada with criminal inadmissibility, you should consider the time required to obtain the necessary documents, like court documents related to illegal activity.

Why do you Need TRP Canada?

TRP covers medical or criminal inadmissibility. If a person is inadmissible to Canada, their family members traveling with them are also not permissible.

If the risk of an individual who stays in Canada exceeds the benefits but has to visit Canada for some trip, conference, or tour, then he is granted a TRP.

Do you think you need a TRP to enter Canada?

Then you can apply for a Temporary Resident Permit to enter Canada if you

  • have been convicted of a crime outside Canada equivalent to an indictable offense deserving of a sentence of under ten years.
  • convicted of a crime outside of Canada equivalent to a hybrid offense punishing a sentence of less than ten years
  • convicted of more than one crime equivalent to two summary offenses.

While evaluating the criminal record from a foreign country, an equivalent offense is comprehended according to Canada’s Criminal Code.

When equivalency is made, it becomes easy to identify how to resolve criminal inadmissibility.

How long can you stay in Canada with Temporary Residence Permit?

A temporary resident permit is issued for the length of a visit to Canada. It depends on the reason for a person’s stay.

A new permit is issued if the prior TRP expires and you want to stay for a prolonged short-term period. An officer may cancel this permit at any time. The permit becomes invalid once you leave Canada before the authorized date.

What happens when Your TRP Expires

If your TRP expires while residing in Canada, you must leave Canada.

You must apply for an additional TRP to maintain your temporary residence in Canada.

You have about 90 days after the expiry date of your TRP to apply for restoration status.

If you require long-term access to Canada, then first, you should have

  • completed your sentence at least five years ago,
  • completed court-ordered courses or rehabilitation programs, or
  • finished paying any related fine within five years

Please note that a 2-year or 3-year TRP often requires a complete verification of documents and your case by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or previously called CIC.

Thus your application should be perfectly prepared if you are seeking entry to Canada for a long duration.

Our Immigration lawyer can help maximize the chance of your successful TRP. Consult us now!


  1. Can I work or study if I hold a Temporary Resident Permit in Canada?

No, you cannot work or study with TRP. Your TRP authorizes you to enter Canada as a temporary visitor. You need to obtain a study or work permit for study or work.

  1. Do I need a valid Passport to apply for a TRP?

Yes,  TRP is only granted if the TRP period’s validity coincides with your Passport’s validity.

It is always good to ensure there is enough validity time on your Passport to oblige the length of the permit you are applying for and the length of your stay in Canada if your application is approved.

  1. Do I need a Canadian Immigration Lawyer while applying for a TRP?

A Canadian Immigration Lawyer is a valuable resource in helping you prepare your TRP application.

Since TRP applications are complicated both for applicants and immigration officers to, ensure the applicant won’t pose a risk to Canadian citizens. Your immigration lawyer assists in representing you before the visa officer for the argument, ultimately preventing your application from denying.

  1. Can I extend my TRP from within Canada?

You must extend your TRP only if your stay turns out longer than expected. You have to submit an application for a TRP extension or remain in Canada as a visitor or TRP holder.

If your application is accepted, you will be granted a new temporary resident permit.

  1. How long is your TRP valid?

A TRP may be issued for a minimum period, such as for a week trip or a month or for several months.

It may be issued for as long as three years, but usually, it is not granted.

  1. Am I eligible for TRP?

If your reason for traveling to Canada outweighs the facts of your inadmissibility or safety risks to Canadian citizens, you may be eligible to apply for a temporary resident permit.

Canadian Immigration officers have the discretion to reject or deny your application. So prepare your application with all necessary documentation and submit it for review before you enter Canada.

  1. Do I need a background check on my TRP application?

If you are an American and applying for TRP, the Canadian Government requires state background checks. You must submit all clearance certificates from the state you are residing for six months or more.

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As a citizen of eTa required country

ETA is an Electronic Travel Authorization. If a person belongs to an ETA-required country and his application for ETA is rejected, he may be issued a Temporary Resident Permit.

If you are a citizen of an eTA-required country, your application for an eTA was refused, and a temporary residence permit may be issued to you to visit Canada. It depends on the nature of inadmissibility and the circumstances why you must travel to Canada.

The visa office in your country will give you the required application form and procedure for a temporary resident visa.