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Temporary Resident Permits

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A temporary Resident Permit is also called TRP. It is a document issued by Citizen and Immigration Canada. It allows those people who are technically inadmissible to Canada to visit the country.

Application Procedure

For applying for TRP, the foreign individual has to show the reason for his visit to Canada. The application procedure has different requirements depending on the country a person is applying. And all the information is available at Canadian visa offices in each country. The application procedure has a non-refundable fee.

People may need a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to travel to Canada or a valid passport. Following are the two ways explaining how to apply for a temporary resident permit;

As a citizen of eTa required country

ETA is an Electronic Travel Authorization. If a person belongs to an ETA-required country and his application for ETA is rejected, he may be issued a Temporary Resident Permit.

If you are a citizen of an eTA-required country, your application for an eTA was refused, and a temporary residence permit may be issued to you to visit Canada. It depends on the nature of inadmissibility and the circumstances why you must travel to Canada.

The visa office in your country will give you the required application form and procedure for a temporary resident visa.

As a visa required

An individual applying for a visitor visa should include all the supporting documents to explain his inadmissibility and why he wants a visit visa to justify his entry to Canada.

He has to undergo an interview with the visa officer so that he may assess the applicant’s application and supporting documents.

Who needs TRP?

TRP covers medical or criminal inadmissibility. If a person is inadmissible to Canada, their family members traveling with them are also not permissible.

If the risk of an individual who stays in Canada exceeds the benefits but has to visit Canada for some trip, conference, or tour, then he is granted a TRP visa. When a person receives a TRP during his stay in Canada, he has to obey certain conditions and Canadian Laws to remain in the country. For work or studying in Canada during Temporary residence, he has to get a proper permit to stay in Canada. He has to get some authorization to leave or re-enter Canada and must leave the country when his TRP expires.

How long to stay in Canada with Temporary Residents Permit

A temporary resident permit is issued for the length of a visit to Canada. It depends on the reason for a person’s visit. A new permit is issued if the prior TRP expires and you want to stay for a prolonged short-term period. An officer may cancel this permit at any time. The permit becomes invalid once you leave Canada before the authorized date.

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