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A Canadian Visit Visa or a Canadian Tourist Visa is an official document that a Visa officer issues. It is also officially called Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and is attached to the passport.

It is evidence that a foreign individual has met all the requirements to enter Canada as a temporary resident, visitor, student, or worker.

Visit Visa can be;

Single Entry Visa for six months to attend a conference or go for a limited purpose. Multiple Entry Visa for a maximum of ten years.

A POE officer grants permission to enter Canada for six months.

Eligibility requirements for a Visitor Visa

A foreign individual is considered eligible for a visit visa If he has;

A valid passport

Not involved in any criminal activity or immigrated-related convictions

Enough funds for your stay

A proof that he will return to his country as his visit visa gets expires

A person from a visa-exempt state or a country does not need access and requires an eTA to travel to Canada.

Application Process For Canada Visitor Visa

A foreign individual can apply online or submit a visa processing application and all supporting documents to a Visa officer. Submit your visa application form with passport, photographs, other documents, and biometrics at the Canada Visa Application Center and track your application online with provided tracking number.

An interview is held after applying for a visit visa. The applicant is asked to undergo medical exams and to provide scanned documents.

When the applicant successfully attains approval, he is allowed to land in Canada. There he has to satisfy the immigration officer for the purpose and duration of his visit to Canada.

Reason for Visa Application get Denied

There are various reasons for which a foreign national could be denied for his entry into Canada:

Processing Time

It depends on the nature of the visit visa and supporting documentation. The processing time to get a Canadian visit visa does not take long if all the documentation is done correctly. A regular tourist visa takes 15 days to process, while a business visa takes 1-6 weeks. However, 16- 20 days is the minimum application processing time for a temporary resident visa.

Benefits of Visit Visa

A visit visa holder can enjoy many advantages while living in Canada for a particular period.

How Xl Immigration help you through Application Processing

XL Immigration Consulting Services Inc. is a renowned Immigration Consulting Services firm in British Columbia. We assist our Clients with various immigration applications and represent them before multiple government departments and immigration tribunals. We also help Canadian Employers with Labour Market Impact Assessment applications and represent them before Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

If you are interested in a Canadian visit visa, we can help you through the process.