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Work is any activity you are paid for or get a commission to complete. Canada has been the best place for accepting millions of foreign nationals to enter Canada on work permits each year.

A work permit is a legal document and permission to engage a foreign national in work or employment while he is inside Canada.

A work permit to Canada is considered helpful for those seeking permanent immigration to Canada.

Eligibility for Work Permit

For work permit eligibility requirements, a foreign national must get a job offer supported by LMIA. Some exemptions for this eligibility criteria are;

If a person’s spouse is already in Canada on a work or study permit

If he has studied in Designated Learning Institution (DLI)

When a foreign national gets a job offer, he must meet the following eligibility criteria to obtain a work permit;

Leave once the work permit expires

Have sufficient funds to support them or their family while staying in Canada

Are not found to involve in illegal or criminal activity

Are medically fit and safe

Provide all supporting documents and fulfill eligibility criteria to enter Canada

Types of Canadian Work Permits

A Canadian Work Permit can be obtained through various options depending on a person’s qualifications. These are;

It is important to remember that a work permit is not required for Canadian permanent residents to do any job in Canada. Permanent resident status gives a person the legal right to live and work anywhere in the country.

How To Apply For A Work Permit

The application process to obtain a Canadian Work Permit varies with the type of work permit.

A foreign national studying in Canada automatically gets authorization to work in Canada after his studies. There are two ways to obtain a work permit;

Closed work permit: Closed work permits are tied to specific employers in which a foreign national must work with the same employer and location unless they change their work permit.

Open work permit: Open Work Permit does not require any LMIA. An Open Work Permit allows foreign nationals the freedom to work for any employer anywhere in Canada at their discretion.

Application Procedure and the Supporting Evidence

The application procedure is different for different types of work permits you need. It is important to determine the most suitable work permit for you. You may need to meet the following criteria to apply for a work permit

Reasons if Work Permit Application is Refused

A work permit can be refused due to many reasons. Some of them are;

The Visa officer is not satisfied either your performance at the intended work, or he is not sure you will return after the work permit expiry

You do not meet the work permit criteria that you have applied

How to Extend Work Permit

A foreign national is allowed to extend his work permit 30 days before expiry. The application process can be done online.

Benefits of Working in Canada

There have been many benefits of working in Canada. Some of them are;

How to add Family members to enter Canada via work permit

The family members, spouse, children, and common-law partner can apply to work, visit, or study at the same time you are applying for a work permit.

How Long Does a work permit valid?

A work permit is valid for one to two years.

A visa officer often issues a work permit to the applicant depending on the validity of his passport or beyond the duration of his job offer.

Difference between Canadian Work Permit and Work Visa

A work permit is issued to foreign nationals intended to work in Canada, while a visa is a travel document needed to enter the country.

A visa, or temporary resident visa (TRV), is a stamp on your passport. It acts as a travel document, allowing foreign nationals to enter or transit POE Canada

A Work Permit is not helpful for a foreign national to re-enter Canada once exits Canada without a valid visa or eTA.

How Xl Immigration can help you through Work Permit Process?

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